PICK **IT UP - Compstall Council

The Challenge:

Lazy dog owners & their trail of dog mess must be a pet hate of most upstanding members of our society especially if, unfortunately, have stood in it. Dog fouling fine posters are commonplace in most parks and public streets, but they hadn't changed in years and had little effect on the perpetrators as they had almost become invisible. So the challenge was to target these people with a hard-hitting, emotive message.

The Solution:

We wanted to create a campaign with real impact using everyday victims of dog fouling crimes. Using children as the victims was bound to be emotive with the headline 'Don't worry they'll pick **it up for you'. The headline works two ways and people can easily fill in the blanks. Rest assured that no real poop was used in any of the scenarios but we did want to make it look as real as possible, regardless of how unpleasant on the eye it may look!.