The Challenge:

Whatever the promotion Patisserie Valerie are running, the underlying theme is usually around self indulgence. The previous Valentine's promotion below was ok but was seen to be a bit too "so what".

The Solution:

As soon as we got our teeth into the brief, the answer seemed so clear. We'd been thinking around a Madame Valerie concept, playing along 'The naughty but nice' fresh cream cake ads feel from back in the 80s, a thought process which then took us down the lines of the old 'Lonely Hearts classified ads.' As soon as we put the first idea together, it fitted so well. We used typical headlines like Lonely Heart wants to be consumed by your love which went perfectly with the self-indulgent/guilty pleasure theme. As you can see below, the campaign had legs and the client was spoilt for choice.

Client: Patisserie Valerie
Role: Art Director