The Challenge: 

The staircases were brilliant and we could see that from the examples seen in their showroom. For us, their logos and photography were doing them an injustice. The images overall were of a very poor standard and in most cases badly lit.  

The Solution:

Max Stairs don't sell one particular staircase off the page and we noticed that many of their competitors displayed their ads like they were selling a particular staircase, so if you didn't like the one on display, you could be mistaken into thinking they just do that style. Max Stairs build bespoke staircases for their customers which can be created in all shapes, sizes and finishes.

Visually - the plan was to create impact and drama on the page, for that we would need to shoot new professional photography showcasing the staircases in better lit and new dramatic looking ways, then using the new images, we wouldn't show the whole staircase, we crop-into them, which helps give more impact. Text-wise, we wanted to focus on the choice on offer with aMax Staircase, everyone’s tastes are different so we emphasised that within the headings and copy. The result: Very clean, aspirational looking ads which fit perfectly for a very aspirational looking product.